Yesterday i had the opportunity to join a webinar hosted by Leif Ohlsson Founder and CEO of Best of Sri Lanka. Leif was moderating the webinar together with Pernilla Tillas from Qatar Airways. Presenters where Eunice Raila From Qatar Airways and Kapila Abeywardane from the DMC Aitken Spence with more than 150 years of experience.

As you might know Sri Lanka is one of the countries that has not been so badly hit by COVID-19. This is also one of the reasons why they now open up for tourists again. And i must say i am impressed how Qatar Airways and the DMC Aitken Spence have organised together with the authorities.

Qatar Airways best in class

So far i haven’t heard about an airline that changed their rules so dramatically. Of course there might be other airlines that open up ticket rules and regulations to minimise the risk for travelers (if so, feel free to comment). But so far Qatar Airways is best in class.

  • Tickets issued on or before 31st April 2021 
  • Amend travel date until 31st December 2021
  • Extended ticket validity of 2 years from issuance
    (maximum stay 1 year).
  • Free unlimited changes within same seasonality
  • Replaces all previously released travel policies

I am impressed by the above rules and i hope other will follow and realy use “outside the box” thinking.

Apart from the above extensive measures has been taken by the airline and authorities to travel safe. Screenings, PCR tests and mobile desinfection just to mention a few. The Qatar Airways representative was proud to announce that they has been awarded the 5 Star COVID-19 Airport Safety rating as well as 5 Star COVID-19 Airline Safety rating.

Well Done Qatar Airways

Travel By bubble with Aitken Spence

Before traveling to Sri Lanks there is a few processes to be fulfilled when it comes to VISA, PCR tests and special insurances. But when the formal documentation is in place you are welcome to travel to Sri Lanka again.

At the destination, Aitken Spence has also taken a few measures to keep the travelers and community safe.

First 14 days

  • Up to 14 hotels and resorts has been selected to serve the travelers safely. Including switching hotels to another level 1 “Safe and Secure certified” hotels.
  • Pre-Planned transport to / from the hotels is a requirement
  • No Quarantine – but restriction to move freely. Transport
  • Holiday in a BIO Bubble without meeting with locals etc. Stay at the resort en relax and use all facilities inside the premises.
  • PCR test will have to be made during the stay to make sure there is no contamination.

After 14 days

  • Travelers can now go out freely on their own wearing masks at all times and keep the distance of 1,5 meters.
  • Public transports are still not recomeneded – Even if you can move freely

Even though there still is some hassle it is perfectly possible to travel to Sri Lanka from Sweden. This is probably valid from other countries as well but you should get in contact with your local Sri Lankan representative.

For all the above please note that these are not all the rules and regulations that are valid and must be obtained. You must at all times get in contact with you local representation for the latest information as the information might change with short notice. And i am sure that Aitken Spence and Qatar Airways are ready to answer all your questions.