Today it is the “Half Snow Day” in Scandinavia


Each year on the 25th January it is the “Half Snow Day” in the northern hemisphere. When i google it there is not a day that is celebrated as such but according to folklore it has a special meaning.

First of all, the folklore states that half of all snow should have been faaling this date each year. According to the calendar, half of the winter has passed.

So more to come if you had a lot during November, December and January. Now, this is of course quite obvious because its name. But there are more important things.

More critical is the the fact that all farmers back in the days where absolutely forced to have half of all feeding stuff still available to feed all their cattle, pigs and whatever they had in their farm.

Not to forget the family and farm employees. With February comes the coldest month, and having 50% of the food remaining was a matter of survival.

The 25th of January is also the day when the bear’s are turning around in their bear pits. They have now slept half way through the winter and just like you and me they need to turn around in bed every now and then.


Author: Stefan Sladden Eng

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