We are happy to see you are interested in being a Guest Author and or an Ambassador. Please note that this page and terms and conditions apply to both Guest Authors and Ambassadors.

Every now and the w get questions if we take editorial materials from our readers. So far we haven’t, but now you have a chance if you want to be a creative Guest Author / Travel Blogger and write articles in Travel Employees Networking Group. We would be happy to have you, however there are some terms and conditions you need to acknowledge to be a Guest Writer. Please do not let that scare you. It is just a precaution to avoid spam such as product commercials or hackers to invade the site.

Please do not hesitate to share this page with others that you know want become a Guest Author and or an Ambassador.

Terms and Conditions

The below terms and conditions need to be accepted to be an Author with Travel Employees Networking Group. Read it carefully!

  1. You are writing in your own name. Alias is not accepted. You may represent a company as a person but you may not promote that company unless that is agreed with Travelemployees.com
    You may write about How your company is working, but not promote products or services that is offered by the company.
  2. Travelemployees want you public phone number, postal address and an email address. No Hotmail, Gmail’s or similar are accepted. We need to be able to identify you as an author. Please also add your title and duties at your company.

    The information about you will be stored with us until you specifically ask to terminate the possibility to write and ask us to delete this information.

    Your information will not be share with third party but may be used for commercial questions or messages by Travelemployees.com
    If you can share already written editorial material that you have published, please attach this. This must not be anonymous.
  3. You are responsible in court of law for your texts. All texts will also be reviewed/moderated before they are published.
  4. As a Guest Author / Ambassador you need to send us a professional picture of you. Format is JPG and Portrait. You are responsible to obtain all rights to publish the photo. By applying to be a Gust Author / Ambassador you also accept to obtain all necessary rights needed to publish all texts, images videos or any other materials from the legal owners of the material.
  5. Post or articles must not include slander, insult, racial agitation, assault, sexual harassment or other harassment. Nor any type of violence or pornography may be published. You may not publish anything that “call for a crime” or is part of any criminal activity.
  6. You may use swearing or obscene words if those are clearly placed in “quotes” AND where there is a link to the source. A source may be a text, video or a photograph. You are responsible to secure authenticity of any published material, including source materials. You also confirm that you have validated via multiple sources/channels.
  7. Any material that could be interpret as commercial material to promote a company or a product is strictly prohibited unless agreed with Travel Employees Networking Group.
  8. The text you want to publish must be minimum around 400 words. And it should be sent to author@travelemployees.com
  9. You accept to use and show “Good Publicist Customs”
  10. Always refer to any sources
  11. A Gust Author / Ambassador are NOT in title of any “Honorary fees”, compensation or renumeration.
  12. You will always come back to this page to get latest updates or our terms and conditions.
  13. Finally – When you have read the above – copy the whole text and email author@travelemployees.com with a note that you accept these terms and conditions. Use the same address to send a text to us. Do not send attachments. Write the text directly in your email editor.
    Please note: It is up to Travelemployees.com discretion if your text will be published or not. No material will be returned to the sender.

Enough about the rules. Pick up your phone, tablet or lap top and start writing your first editorial with us.

Happy Writing!