Last spring when the epidemic was recognised as a fact i saw an interview with professor Agnes Wold. Agnes is a professor of clinical bacteriology specialising in the normal flora of the body, at the Sahlgrenska Academy.

In the interview she was asked about travel since pandemic already started to impact how people move around. The question was something like… “-How long shall we ll avoid travel abroad? When i heard her answer it was shocking and devastating. Professor Wold stated that one should not travel abroad for a year and maybe longer. And this statement came prime time on the news.

For me, who have been employed in travel trade since i started to work i could not believe it. I couldn’t simply take it in. Was this to be the end of travel trade? “-No, it cant be” I said to my self, and just ignored it…for some time.

Today I see people suffering as travel trade more or less has been dead for nine months.

Second Wave

New restrictions has been implemented in most countries. All to prevent the contamination to grow. The questions is; why we are so surprised?

I am definitely not an expert in the area of viruses, pandemic’s or health care. I just listened to experts interviewed in news on TV and in Radio and read in newspapers what they have said. I mean, the experts who actually are experts, not the ones who think they are – like some politicians.

However, somehow i did not get it. I formed my own believes based on what i thought i heard. But what almost all experts said about 9 months ago is a reality, wether we like it or not.

There will be a vaccin but earliest by 2021.

Yes that is probably quite close to what every experts said back then. It migh have been someone saying by the end of 2020. And some one might have said that there are alreeady tests going on.

But the result seems to be that there will be no vaccin available to the “public” until 2021. And here we are. The contamination is still going on as the world slowly start to catch up and serve the population with shots. So why did I actually think there will be a vaccin available earlier?

The virus does not like warm weather

And yet, the contamination disappeared, almost. Of course different restrictions helped but with a colder weather the virus is back and the numbers are growing again. Surprised? Yes at first…but Now? No, looking back at what the expert said, it t is the normal behaviour of the virus. And we where told about it.

Experts, but in what?

If we look at history, most pandemics last for a year or two. So why should this one be different? Unless the experts say it is another kind of virus I have to trust them who can present facts about earlier known viruses and its impacts.

But i am sure that you all have experienced how many experts there are around us. People that know exactly what we should do or not. Or what should have been done or not. The most interesting part of that is that most of them have no education in the area of epidemic or virus diseases. And yet they are keen to tell everyone what to do and not.

Just ignore them

Instead let’s look positively at whats ahead. Vaccin is about to be available. Health authorities have learnt how to best treat patiens who are in need. So it doesn’t look that bad, does it?