Over the last couple of years we have seen a dramatic decrease of airline traffic as a result of the pandemic. People have published screenshots of Flightradar 24 show empty routes globally. The flights seen are probably leisure- and not Business Travel. Iata has been talking about a massive direct and indirect unemployment. So what will happen now when the pandemic has passed and many regions and countries are opening up. How much of the Business Travelling will actually remain? I strongly believe that the Leisure travel will increase over time, even in comparison to 2019 figures. I have a gut feeling thet will will see an increase of bleisure (Business and Leisure) too. The big question mark is without any doubt the Business Travelling.

I made a survey that is still running (20 oct, 2021), in my Linkedin Group, Travel Employees Networking Group the question that is risen is; How much of the business traveling will remain when the “new normal” is a fact.

It is a very interesting result so far as the response was not as clear as i thought it should be. Around 15% says the Business Travelling that will remain is around the level 70-85% of previous numbers. It gets really interesting when we look at the rest of other figures. To see the rest and the interesting part of this survey you should become member of Travel Employees Networking Group.

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