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Travel Trade is picking up. It is not quick but it is consistent. Join us and find your employees with us. Use our “Post a new job” template! Find your staff from candidates all over the world. Remote or onsite.

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All at a very reasonable charge and the opening will be exposed to our +49 000 Linkedin group members as well.

Here are some example of the template

Welcome to post a job.

  1. Not registered? Just fill in your email address.
  2. Fill out the Job Post Fields**
  3. When ready press “Preview” and check everything.
  4. Chose “Edit” to change, or
  5. Chose “Submit” to publish.

When you submit the Job Post your registration to the site has started and will be finalised momentarily.

We are happy to offer this as a free of charge service for the time being.

Please Note:
We will reject all registrations if no valid company email exists.
(hotmail, gmail and other “neutral emails are not accepted)**Please Note:

Copy and paste below template into description to obtain best reading experience for candidates. Of course you can redesign it as you please.

Job Title

Job Description
Detailed description of the role

Who are we looking for?
Description of the person we are looking for and his/hes qualifications.

Required Qualifications
Minimum Requirements of the person

Merits (Optional) 
Potential experiences, courses and other considered as merits, 

What we offer (Partly Optional) 
Benefits and Salary package

About the company (Partly Optional) 

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