Welcome to Travel Employees Networking group and the advert page.

When money is received you have bought a promotional ad campaign,
presented 1 week in;

a) Linkedin Travel Employees Networking Group as a recommended post.
b) Travelemployees.com first page banner.
c) Travellersvoice.net first page banner and
d) And a banner in the next Travelemployees.com Newsletter

Now you need to send us the material to use.

Send images and text to advert@travelemployees.com  Please note: As soon as we got all material we will let you know what week and dates the campaign will run.

You can also buy advertising in our next podcast. Email us if you are interested  


Image formats to be used should be the following:

For a Linkedin post an image needs to be
1200 x 627 px. This is the one we do recommend. However, you can also search in Linkedin for all available formats. 

Banners in Travelemplyees.com and or Travellersvoice.net
and our travelemployees newsletter must be 728 x 90 px

Text to be used in the Linkedin Recommended post

We strongly recommend you to present a teaser with call to action within the first two lines of text. Those lines are the first to show bove the image without the visitor have to click to read more.  After the two lines you can continue with the rest of your text. maximum 20 Linkedin lines of text + hashtags. See below example:

Campaign: Get 25 % discount when signing up for XXX.
This offer is only valid until DD MMM YYYY

Happy to announce this years first campaign when signing up for all products at once. The offer is only valid this week so don’t wait until signing up. You can also contact us on campaignemail@exampledomaign.com

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