Over the years and in spite of the pandemic and and ongoing war we are proud to announce that our group is still growing.

It seems like people are have a great trust in travel industry as a place to work and be employed in.
And in fact, we hear from all over the world that the number of travellers are growing every day which is fantastic.

And of course, Travel, wether you do it for business, leisure or both does not matter. Curiosity in in the DNA of mankind which is the reason for us  to travel and experience what is out there.
Explore new, yet unknown places, investigate them and learn. And ultimately, teach the rest of the world of the discoveries about people, culture architecture, art, languages and many many more things.

So even if we are pround and happy to annouce our achievement we are not surpriced.

But who is this person? Who became the member number 50 000?

Have a look in your message box in Linkedin –
There is a pending message from us to the member number 50 000.

If you agree we would like to make an interview with you!

Looking forward hearing from you!
Best regards
Stefan Eng
Founder & Owner
Travel Employees Networking Group