“Are there destinations out there just waiting patiently for us to discover them? Some might say yes, while others disagree. I recall a discussion from a few years back debating whether all music had already been played. I argue that if that were true, the Eurovision Song Contest (happening in Malmo, Sweden this year) would be quite dull, with the same songs performed annually, although by different artists, sometimes with a fresh twist.

But does it truly matter? No one has listened to all music, just as no one has visited every corner of the globe. When you tally up the travels of your colleagues, friends, and relatives, you’ve probably collectively explored a good chunk of the world. Yet, as an individual, have you checked off 50 countries yet?

If you haven’t, then each new place is a fresh adventure for you. Even if a resort, destination, or remote island has been catering to tourists for decades, or even centuries, there’s always someone eager to point out that it’s changed since their visit years ago.

For me, Perth in Australia has long been on my bucket list, one of the top picks, in fact. It’s just a feeling. However, upon digging deeper with the Travelix app, (see above) I discovered one of the unique and quirky attractions in Perth is
the “Fringe World Festival” where unconventional performances and art installations pop up in unexpected corners of the city.

Is Perth a new destination for me? Absolutely. And it’s exotic enough; I don’t need to trek through the jungle to find uncharted territory. Perhaps it’s time to start planning a true winter getaway Down Under.


To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.

Aldous Huxley

English writer and philosopher