Travel podcasts have become an exciting way for people to explore the world without leaving their homes. You might wonder why you should listen to a travel podcast instead of watching a travel show with beautiful images.

The answer is simple: podcasts offer a unique experience that can be just as enriching and enjoyable. Let’s dive into what makes travel podcasts special and whether you should trust Business to Consumer (B2C) podcasts or Business to Business (B2B) podcasts for your travel inspiration and information.

The Magic of Travel Podcasts

One of the greatest things about travel podcasts is the freedom they offer. You can listen to them anywhere and anytime – while commuting, exercising, cooking, or just relaxing. Unlike videos, you don’t need to keep your eyes on a screen, which means you can multitask and make the most of your time.

Travel podcasts focus on storytelling and personal experiences, which can be incredibly immersive. Without the distraction of images, your imagination takes over. You create mental pictures of the places being described, making the experience more personal and vivid. This can inspire a deeper connection to the destination and a stronger desire to visit.

Podcasts often feature interviews with locals, travelers, and experts, providing authentic insights and travel tips that you might not find in guidebooks or travel shows. These stories and advice come from personal experiences, making the information more relatable and trustworthy.

Trusting Travel Podcasts: B2C vs. B2B

When choosing a travel podcast, it’s important to know who is behind the content. There are two main types of travel podcasts: Business to Consumer (B2C) travel podcasts and Business to Business (B2B) travel podcasts. Each has its own strengths and can offer different perspectives.

B2C Travel Podcasts are designed for the general public. They are usually created by travel enthusiasts, bloggers, or travel companies aiming to inspire and inform listeners about various destinations, travel tips, and personal stories. These podcasts are great for getting a feel of the destination, learning about must-see attractions, and finding practical travel advice. They often include guest interviews, making them diverse and engaging.

However, since B2C podcasts are aimed at consumers, they might sometimes focus on popular and mainstream topics. While this is helpful for general travel planning, it may not always offer the in-depth or insider knowledge that some travelers seek.

B2B Travel Podcasts cater to professionals in the travel industry. These podcasts delve into the business side of travel, discussing trends, challenges, and innovations. They often feature industry experts, executives, and insiders who share valuable information that is not always accessible to the public. Listening to B2B podcasts can give travelers a unique behind-the-scenes look at how the travel industry operates.

For those who want to know the “secrets” of the industry, B2B podcasts can be incredibly informative. They reveal insights about how travel products and services are created, marketed, and sold. This can help travelers make more informed decisions and understand the complexities behind their travel experiences.

Which One Should You Trust?

The choice between B2C and B2B travel podcasts depends on what you are looking for. If you want travel inspiration, practical travel tips, and engaging stories, B2C podcasts are a great choice. They are designed to entertain and inform regular travelers and can be a wonderful source of ideas and advice.

On the other hand, if you are interested in the inner workings of the travel industry and want to gain a deeper understanding of how travel businesses operate, B2B podcasts are the way to go. They provide insider knowledge that can be valuable for making more strategic travel choices.


Travel podcasts offer a fantastic way to explore the world through sound. They allow you to imagine and connect with destinations in a personal and immersive way. Whether you choose B2C or B2B podcasts, you’ll find a wealth of information and travel inspiration that can enhance your travel planning and experiences. So plug in your headphones, and let your journey begin! Here’s a list of podcasts with travel as subject.

List of popular travel podcasts

  • B2C Travel Podcasts

    1. The Travel Diaries with Holly Rubenstein – Focus: Celebrity travel stories and destination inspiration – On Air: Since 2019
    2. Zero To Travel with Jason Moore – Focus: Long-term travel, digital nomad lifestyle, budget travel – On Air: Since 2013
    3. Extra Pack of Peanuts with Travis Sherry – Focus: Budget travel, travel hacking, tips for affordable travel – On Air: Since 2013
    4. Women Who Travel by Condé Nast Traveler – Focus: Travel stories and tips from women travelers – On Air: Since 2018
    5. Amateur Traveler with Chris Christensen – Focus: Destination features, travel tips, interviews with travelers – On Air: Since 2005
    6. Indie Travel Podcast with Craig and Linda Martin – Focus: Independent travel, budget travel tips, destination advice – On Air: Since 2006
    7. The Thoughtful Travel Podcast with Amanda Kendle – Focus: Personal travel stories, thoughtful travel experiences – On Air: Since 2016
    8. JUMP with Traveling Jackie – Focus: Adventure travel, destination tips, interviews with travelers – On Air: Since 2014 (formerly known as The Budget-Minded Traveler)
    9. The World Nomads Podcast – Focus: Adventure travel, travel insurance tips, travel stories – On Air: Since 2017
    10. Travel with Rick Steves – Focus: Destination advice, travel tips, cultural insights – On Air: Since 2005

    B2B Travel Podcasts

    1. The Skift Podcast – Focus: Travel industry news, trends, and insights – On Air: Since 2015
    2. TravelPulse Podcast – Focus: Travel industry updates, interviews with travel professionals – On Air: Since 2018
    3. No Vacancy with Glenn Haussman – Focus: Hospitality industry trends, interviews with industry leaders – On Air: Since 2015
    4. Travel Agent Chatter by Travel Planners International – Focus: Tips and insights for travel agents, industry news – On Air: Since 2018
    5. The Travel Vertical Podcast – Focus: Digital marketing for travel destinations, industry insights – On Air: Since 2020
    6. How I Got Here by PhocusWire and Mozio – Focus: Stories from travel industry founders and innovators – On Air: Since 2019
    7. Business Travel 360 – Focus: Corporate travel management, industry news, business travel trends – On Air: Since 2020
    8. Eye on Travel with Peter Greenberg – Focus: Travel industry news, destination insights, travel tips – On Air: Since 2001 (radio) and podcast format since 2015
    9. The Lodging Leaders Podcast – Focus: Hotel industry insights, interviews with hospitality leaders – On Air: Since 2014
    10. The Travel Guys Radio Show – Focus: Travel news, tips for travelers, industry updates – On Air: Since 2011 (radio) and podcast format since 2016
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