The second edition of intra-African trade fair (IATF) will take place in Kigali, Rwanda from the 8th – 14th December, 2021. This will also be the first time that African tourism industry will be represented at the IATF exhibiting investment-ready tourism and hospitality business on the TIA pavilion.

Tourism invest Africa (TIA) is an initiative committed to bridge the gap in the tourism industry and investment, addressing the lack of access to market information, data and structure of the tourism trade. TIA pavilion will exhibit 15 investment ready-destinations, tourism and hospitality product and services at the IATF. Engaging sessions with key stakeholders from the sector and Governments addressing industry challenges, masterclasses, B2B,B2C and B2G networking sessions and wrapped up by “African Day” destination display.

Intra-African trade fair is an initiative of the Afreximbank in collaboration with the African union, this initiative supports the Africa continental free trade agreement area (AFCFTA). This event brings together high level Governments from 54+ African countries, USD40B trade and investment deals, 10,000 visitors and buyers and political stakeholders from across Africa and other parts of the world

Globally, tourism is one of the primary drivers of economic growth in emerging economies like Africa. The Africa continent is endowed with beautiful vast landscape, culture, wildlife, food, weather and diversity bringing visitors and tourists from all over the world. The sector is growing exponentially and attractive to investors who are looking for a sustainable business to invest in, African tourism is that industry.

The African continental free trade area (AFCFTA) in its capacity will create a enable business environment for investors/investees and entrepreneur to capitalize on the continent tourism massive potentials. For this same reason, tourism industry in Africa will exhibit at the intra-African trade fair this year, 2021 (IATF).

TIA is calling out to investors looking to invest into African tourism , and also investment-ready tourism and hospitality business looking to expand their business with the massive investment opportunities at the IATF to come with us to Kigali, Rwanda . TIA pavilion is proudly supported by African Tourism Board (ATB)

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African tourism is ready for business and investment!

See you in Kigali, Rwanda.