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Even if you are a very experienced traveller or even work in the travel trade – this will be the most challenging quiz ever. The quiz consists of 50 questions that either will make your day fantastic…or not… Enter the three letter code for each city/airport below

If you don’t know the correct answer – you must of corse retake the quiz until you get 50 points.

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1. Bridgetown
2. Pyongyang
3. Tarawa
4. Muscat
5. La Paz (Bolivia) 
6. Bahrain
7. Pointe-a-Pitre 
8. Nuuk
9. Bratislava
10. Port Vila
11. Reykjavik
12. Abuja
13. Paris
14. Oaxaca
15. Anchorage
16. Stockholm 
17. Brussels
18. Donetsk
19. Bishkek
20. Albuquerque
21. Geneva
22. Calgary
23. Nice
24. Dili
25. Noumea
26. Ulaanbaatar
27. Dhaka
28. Tashkent
29. Quebec
30. Hyderabad
31. Milan
32. Nassau
33. Tegucigalpa
34. London
35. Dubrovnik
36. Canberra
37. Faroe Islands
38. Lusaka
39. Kolkata
40. Vilnius
41. Kumasi
42. Makassar
43. Ushuaia
44. Rio de Janeiro
45. Dire Dawa
46. Mombasa
47. Antananarivo
48. Medellin
49. Lilongwe
50. Los Angeles (Only the main airport)

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Author: Stefan Sladden Eng

Travel Employees Networking Group was founded by Stefan Sladden Eng 2008 as a Linkedin Group to be the foundation for travel employees around the globe to collaborate and discuss. It's aim is also to share information on interesting travel trade events, discounts and other related topics. The group has today +35 000 members all over the globe.

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