Travel trade rises like a Phoenix from the ashes

Like a Phoenix travel trade will rise again

Yes, it is a myth and a tale from Greek folklore but never it has been so true as now. Over the last century travel trade has been challenged by a number of crisis situations.

But without any exception travel trade always rose like a Phoenix and came back. To understand why that we need to look back through our history.

How did they dare?

Look at the explorer and writer Marco Polo for (1254-1324) instance. When he left Italy to travel the Silk Road to Asia, he spent the next 24 years before coming back. Was he ever afraid? Did he ever though that he actually would come back?

We can all agree that Mr. Polo was a very brave man. I mean, would you even consider do that trip today? And without the technical facilities that exists today?  

Marco Polo

Cristopher Columbus (1451-1506) on the other hand only spent 12-24 months away from home, but Several times. In fact, he traveled overseas 4 times and mainly he explored the Caribbean. However, at the time the theory of earth being round rather than flat, was not recognized everywhere.

Even though Columbus was a believer, how could he be sure to not sail too close, and not fall over the edge? And like Mr. Marco Polo he must have been very excited over what to expect when finally reaching land.

Do you think he was afraid to meet other people, cultures, languages? Or are those things the ones that drove him doing these travels?   

Christopher Columbus

However, at the time the theory of earth being round rather than flat was not recognised everywhere. Even though he was a believer, how could he be sure to not sail too close and and not fall over the edge?

Largest fireworks in the world

More recent explorers are of course Neil Armstrong and Christa McAuliffe both astronauts and two of the very few people in our world whom had a chance to travel to space.

Neil Armstrong
Christa McAuliffe

In both cases I would imagine that it was a dream from their time when they were small kids looking at the sky thinking…

What’s out there

Any kid, anywhere, at any time in history

Moving from that though into the situation were you place yourself inside the biggest firecracker in the world and then ask someone to ignite, that take some courage. If you are really honest, would you do that ride? Would you in fact be that brave in such a real-life situation? Especially after knowing Christa McAuliffe and the rest of the crew that dies when the space shuttle Challenger exploded after takeoff, 28 January 1986.  

I would say that; common to all four of them is the curiosity and interest in knowing more. More about people, culture, languages and the way of life. And their interest in science and technical progress. And their wish to discover the yet unknown.

Curiosity is key for the future too

Travel trade is under siege at present. However, it has occurred before and it will happen again. Regardless, travel trade has raised like a Phoenix, from the ashes and mankind continued to explore the world. The best proof is looking back through our history, nothing has ever stopped us from explore the world and seek new, yet never visited places.

Viruses like the swine-flu, Spanish-flu, Act of good such as tsunamis, volcano outbreaks, floods, strikes, war’s and other challenges has been in our way from time to time. But it didn’t stop us then and it will not stop us now.

On 4th December, in the Swedish TV channel 1, the airline SAS CEO Rickard Gustafson (Also elected new chairman of IATA from 2022) said in an interview in it in mankind’s nature to travel. And i agree. I strongly believe our wish to discover and our curiosity will win this battle too. There is no doubt about it.

Stefan Sladden Eng

Author: Stefan Sladden Eng

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