Please Note: Read the FBI warnings at the bottom of this page:

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FBI Warns of fake job listings to steal money and personal information

Job seekers should be warned about scammers whom try to steal money and personal information using fake job listings. The FBI article can be found here.

To protect yourself from any fraud, the FBI mentioning the following indications of scam;

  • Interviews are not conducted in-person or through a secure video call.
  • Interviews are conducted via teleconference applications that use email addresses instead of phone numbers.
  • Potential employers contact victims through non-company email domains and teleconference applications.
  • Potential employers require employees to purchase start-up equipment from the company.
  • Potential employers require employees to pay upfront for background investigations or screenings.
  • Potential employers request credit card information.
  • Potential employers send an employment contract to physically sign asking for PII
  • Job postings appear on job boards, but not on the companies’ websites.
  • Recruiters or managers do not have profiles on the job board, or the profiles do not seem to fit their roles.

We urge You to be very cautions in sharing information to anyone that cannot identified outside this site.