Result in Global Gastronomy Quiz

Dear all here is the leader board of the Global Gastronomy quiz so far. The quiz is like the other ones still open for new submissions.

Quite a few of you needed to spend a lot of time before deciding upon a choice. Looking at the balance of time and number of correct answers we have a clear leader;

Sigbritt Thorsson that is. However i think that Birgitta and Jenima did a fairly good job ;-D so far…

19 Points 10 minutes 58 seconds Jemima Leonard-Thomas
19 Points 12 minutes 30 seconds Birgitta Skagerfält
18 Points 17 minutes 58 seconds Sukran
18 Points 37 minutes 16 seconds Luis Vera
18 Points 49 minutes 35 seconds annika westergren
18 Points 5 minutes 40 seconds Sigbritt thorsson
18 Points 26 minutes 29 seconds Nthabiseng Matshoge
17 Points 14 minutes 20 seconds
17 Points 17 minutes 30 seconds Tarek Mohamed

Have you been studing IATA airport and City codes lately? Next quiz MIGHT be one about those fantastic codes we have learned of the years.


Author: Stefan Sladden Eng

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