Welcome To Travelemployees.com and to widen your network with us. Travelemployees.com let you post open position (Currently Free of Charge) in our site. The fact that open positions are available will be notified to our Linkedin audience, through the Travel Employees Networking Group with more than 48 000 members. Our newsletter will also include information around available positions.


Start build and publish your first open position directly from “Post a job” page. If you are not registered already you can do that while adding your first open position. Each post will be reviewed post publication and are subject to be rejected/removed if we discover things that should not be there.

Please note that we in general require an official company email address and no use of hotmail, gmail etc.

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In 2008, Stefan founded the Travel Employees Networking Group in Linkedin. The purpose was to create a relevant and a strong platform to collaborate and discuss travel trends. In addition, members should be able to find open positions or search for new candidates. The group has now more than 48 000 members.

To support the group, our site www.travelemployees.com was established in early 2020 as an Online Magazine, Job and Marketing Portal for Travel Professionals and HR. Upload and manage your job listings. You can also be a quest editor and publish articles around your company or products. In addition you can buy commercial space to place advertising through out the site.  

Travel Employees Networking Group’s Online Magazine has been elected to be “One of the best Online Travel Magazines on the Planet” by Feedspot  

Welcome to join the group,

Stefan Eng