If there is anything the pandemic has proved the value of using a travel agent when travelling. Regardless if it is for leisure or business the travel agents has a certain responsibility to take care of their customers assisting them cancellations, rebookings, rerouting and all that other stuff that is valid for any traveler when things go wrong.

But if all travel agents has the same responsibility how can they then stick out an be the agency with that personal touch and service that makes the customers coming back again and again?

One way is using other peoples experiences that they are blogging about. At the end of this article you find our top sites for professional travel sellers to use as travel agent tools.

There is nothing like a personal experience. But lets face it. No one ever traveled all over the world and saw all places. No one ever has ever visited all the amazing temples, all museums and no one has ever been to all theaters to see all musicals in London. But You can be that one that gives the impression of being to all places. You can read and assess travels blogs to get this knowledge.

Be careful, there is also a lot of crap out there

When you start read blogs we strongly suggest that you consolidate information from several recently updated sites available from all different people travelling the world. So you can be sure that most of the information is accurate and valid.

Check Sources

So reading all those tips from the travel bloggers could therefore be as beneficial as any other source. you can actually be the expert your customers think you are.

Check the Source

But be careful with the sources. A travel blogger is a like any other blogger and might stop writing after a while and all information on the site gets outdated. This is a good reason to get the information verified by checking other maybe more official travel sources.

Can you imagine selling a dream holiday to honeymooners or to big family celebrating an anniversary and the accommodations turn out to be not as exclusive as presented and a five year old blog?

Or if the food is just ordinary and disappointing instead of exotic and inspiring. In short, there is no room for selling without knowing. The source double check is therefore extremely important these days

Exotic & Inspiring or Ordinary & Disappointing

Having said that there is a lot of blogs out there with relevant and accurate information, ready for you to read and pass on to all your customers.
And here are a few favorites that you can read and get tons of unique inspiration from.

Our top sites for professional travel sellers


The first choice we do is the site Stuck At the Airport site where you can get specific and updated information about different American Airport . Facilities, events or other happenings. A great site to read to be “ahead” of your customers.


Another brilliant site is Theintrepidguide that selected 57 must have travel accessories. The site does also include language tips as well has a number of ideas on what and how to pack. In Short a very much comprehensive guie to what your customer need. Read it – Learn It


Expertflyer.com give you an opportunity to secure the seat the customer wants to and much more. It is available in a fee and a pro version. Surely your can get rid of some of the troubles your customers get into.


An impressive and gigantic travel blog where any subject you can think of is covered. There are Photography Travel Blogs, Destination Travel Blogs, Family Travel Blogs and Budget Travel Blogs etc etc. The list is almost endless in Joao Leitaos Travel Blog. It would be surprising if you did not find what you looking for.


Read Books about your favorite destination. Very many blogs are giving examples and recommend books. And yes of course there might be a golden favorite to find somewhere. However, Bookauthority has build up a top 16 list based on, as they write “public mentions, recommendations, ratings and sentiment”. The list has been feature in CNN, Forbes and INC. So the source should be safe in this case. Get to know a few of the books, maybe read all of them yourself. Just to be that skillful and experienced individual a traveler must consult.

No Shitting in the Toilet

Podcast by Peter Moore who already in the first episode tell everything about this particular story

And finally


Greatest ever podcasts for travelers and because of that also for you as a travel seller. Look into Wanderlust top listed 19 travel podcasts