There are probably not som many trades that is as positive as travel trade. In one of the reacent polls made in the Travel Employees Networking Group, as much as 22 % of the respondents answer that travel trade will be back on same levels as 2019 within1-2 years from now.

It is difficult to say if the is more of a wish thinking than anything else. However, there is no other industry that is more positive than the travel industry. It probably comes from the the people in travel trade and their mindset of service delivery. No problem is too big to overcome. Having said this, the Pandemic has of course been a n enormous challenge to everyone.

Are you positive and believe in a Travel Industry comeback?

The question raised in the poll was when travel travel will come back to the same level as the year before the Pandemic, 2019. There where four alternatives to chose from. 22 % replied the travel Trade will be back in 1-2 years from now. When we look at those who answered 3-5 years almost 57% believe the Trave is back. And given that we now se Omikron is spreading, this alternative might be more likey, or what do you think.

The last two ranges were chosen by 13% (5-7 years) and 8% for those who believe travel trade will never be on the same levels as 2019. Again, also this small and non scientific poll tell us the difficulty what to believe for the future.

On thing is clear though, travel trade will never disappear. It might transform into something very different from what we were used to. However, we want to travel. We want to meet new people and cultures, Reunite with loved ones around the globe and enjoy the discover of new and diverse places.

Travel Trade has always, and will always “Rise from the ashes like a Phoenix” i as We wrote in Brainz Magazine earlier this year.