Hey there! have you ever travelled to Africa? what is your answer yes, not yet or nah, don’t worry, I am here for this precise purpose.

Hey there! have you ever travelled to Africa? what is your answer yes, not yet or nah, don’t worry, I am here for this precise purpose.

On this platform, my sole mission is to inspire you to visit Africa through the stories that I will be telling across various destinations in the continent. I cant wait to wet your appetite, so stick around.

Travelling to a new destination for the very first time can be unsettling. You may be bother and burden with things like, security, budget, safety and what kind of activities to indulge in. These are important steps for planning a trip and they form the first part of a traveler experience. I have put together interesting tips on destinations in Africa from my persona experience and other frequent travelers.

So whether you are looking for the best places to try local food? I got you. Want to meet the locals?No problem. Want to explore historical sites, cities, arts and culture or to embrace nature? I got you.

What to expect?


Our culture is our heritage! that is a common say here. The culture is expressed in its arts, food, language, music, religion, clothing and custom. As you travel across Africa, you will notice the diversity in culture among the countries, quiet interesting to note the similarities shared in these varied culture.

Such as respect for elders, morals, marriage rites, title holders for chiefs and kings, the culture is unique, distinct but yet different.

What is acceptable in culture A may be forbidden in culture B, however our strength is in our diversity.


What better way to discover a destination without trying the food. Countries in the Northern, Southern, Western and Eastern part of Africa all have their main traditional culinary, which may be similar despite the diversity.

The traditional food is usually spicy, prepared differently and some are preferably eaten with bare wash hands. So much goes into preparing the Africa food, its one of the best moment to spend time with family. I am sure to walk you around these dishes.

Historical sites

The history of Africa is rich with astonishing sites, traced to pre-slavery, slavery era and independence. There are over 45 cultural world heritage sites in Africa, spread across the continent covering every biogeographical region.

Attractive sites to explore are numerous which includes the Sahara Desert, Victoria falls, mount Kilimanjaro, the Pyramids of Egypt, Iyake Lake of Nigeria suspended/hanging lake, which is one of the only two in the world.

City Life

Just like other continents, the Africa continent is the mother to major cities, famous cities, cleanest and most developed cities. From Cape town in the South to Lagos in the West to Cairo in the North and to Nairobi in the East, these cities and many others never sleep.

Beautiful Beaches

Most regions in the continent experience sunny weather all year round, going to the beach is not seasonal but sort of weekend or holiday activities. From the flamboyant Seychelles to breathtaking beaches scattered across with fine sand, blue skies and amazing weather.

Africa is a great continent to explore, its beautiful and diverse in culture, I am excited to tell our stories that will inspire you to jump on the next plane to Africa. Don’t go anywhere I will be right back!

Dont go anywhere I will be right back!