Memories of Myanmar

Memories from Myanmar

I long to travel slowly
Through places unfamiliar
Listening to sounds of chatter
And clatter
And chanting
And smelling the scent of fish
As it’s pounded to a paste
And wondering about those deep-fried crickets
Will they really have any taste?

I long to travel slowly
Off main roads carrying trucks
Honking madly as they pass us
Kicking up clouds of unwelcome dust.

I long to travel slowly
On narrow footpaths
Near green rice fields
Hearing children’s delighted squeals.
I watch the men at the market
Using large paddles to stir the sticky rice
Good manners means we try it
Yes it’s really very nice.

I long to travel slowly
In this wondrous, ancient land
With a COVID vaccine promised
Hopefully soon again, I can.

Tracy Stanley

Author: Tracy Stanley

I loved the adventures of 'The Secret Seven' as a child: a small troupe solving mysteries together, often on their bicycles. Their exploits inspired my career in foreign lands where I worked for airlines and GDS in human resource management and change management roles. I’m currently a consultant and writer delighting in combining my passions for discovering new places and having conversations with people who cause me to think differently. The Soft Nut Bike Tour of Burma is a recent book collaboration with my husband Les Stanley who also has a long career in the travel industry.

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