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Is your dream to write an article? Here is your chance to share your knowledge and expertise in travel and everything related to when exploring the world. Culture, language, people, history or society the subjects are many. Just pick and chose.

For instance what do YOU predict for the future of travel? How does travel look like? Where do we go and what is considered being exotic within 30 years from now? And if we are not flying – how do we get there?

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Author: Stefan Sladden Eng

Travel Employees Networking Group in Linkedin, with it's +43 000 members, was founded by Stefan Eng in 2008.  The purpose was to create a relevant and a strong platform to collaborate and discuss travel trends. In addition, members should be able to find open postions or search for new candidates.  To support the group, our site was established in early 2020,, the Online Magazine and Marketing Portal for Travel Professionals. Here you can find articles by Stefan and his Guest Authors and of course you can advertise your travel products and services.  Travel Employees Networking Group's Online Magazine has been elected to be "One of the best Online Travel Magazines on the Planet" by Feedspot   Stefan Eng has more than 37 years of experience in Travel Trade. working for Airlines, GDS's, Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Airline IT Companies in the Travel Trade. 

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