Privacy Policy Integrity/GDPR

This policy is generic and comprise policies for all; website (including potential apps) developed by Stefan Eng.

If you chose to use websites and apps developed by Stefan Eng personal data such as email address, phone number, alias e.t.c. may be processed. This will only be the case if you chose to register any information that helps to identify you as an individual. By using the websites and apps you consent to processing of your information.

The purpose of processing of personal data is to display chosen username/email address or information added by the user will be used in the games result lists. Usernames/email address shall be possible to share verbally with others so that games can be played between users. It may also be used to contact the user when username/email address is used to participate in quizzes or polls.

The result of a game can be made visible in the app between the playing users as well as in lists such as but not exclusively high score lists. It is the users choice to publish his/her own name, alias or number so that others may identify the user. If the user register the full name – that is also what will be shown in result lists.

Personal information such as, but not exclusively username/email address may also be used to contact the user to present offers and other relevant commercial messages. Examples of this is email newsletter than may include sponsored messages or adverts.

By using the website and/or apps the user is giving consent to the use and processing of the users personal data accordingly

Responsible for all personal records in websites and or apps Developed and owned by Stefan Eng is Stefan Eng.
Any records added by the user, and that the user believe is misleading or in any other mean is considered being wrong; the user must notice the developer in writing immediately. Contact information is available on this site.

Personal records will be saved at least 3 years.
No transfer of personal records will be made