Can you score 100% in the ICAO Alphabet quiz?

Do you know how to spell out names when communicating verbally to colleagues in the travel industry, for instance; when telling someone your name or even a booking reference? The challenge is when mixing letters like “T” and “P” or like “F” being perceived as an “S”. To avoid this you can use the ICAO Alphabet international standard instead.

So…Do you know the rest of the ICAO Alphabet?

I doubt it and you will be surprised when discovering that you didn’t know all of them. Then of course, you need to do the quiz again.

Good Luck in Learning

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12 thoughts on “Can you score 100% in the ICAO Alphabet quiz?

    1. Hi Angie,
      Happy to hear youre OK with the Score.
      You are the second one telling me that Alfa should be spelled Alpha.
      In the ICAO site ( it is stated Alfa with f. It is stated in Annex 10, volume II.
      However i lso found this page ( where Alpha is said to be the word
      but when transmitting one are to use AL FAH. And i guess it is here where the missunderstanding

      Thanks for raising the Q

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