I need the inspiration of travel

I need to travel

You don’t end up working in the travel industry by chance.
You are, you live, you feel, you love Travel… Like every human being on earth right now,

I desperately want to get out of my house, my village, my country. I want to see people, talk, eat, drink and laugh until I’m too exhausted, full or happy enough. 


But also… I need more. 

I need to feel my heart bump into my rib cage when the aircraft starts speeding up and feel excited when land is in sight. I need to be gently soothed by the regular movements and sounds of a country train. 

I need to lose myself in the streets of an unknown city, searching my paper map for the right bus to drive me back. I need to sit in a bar and start talking with local people, trying to learn a few words and a lot of culture. 

City Map

I need to taste some strange looking food and find it delicious, knowing with regret that I’ll probably never eat it again. I need to wander in little exotic towns, chat with kids playing some game that I don’t understand the rules. 

I need to be amazed by the gothic church, the 200-year-old City Hall, the oldest statue, the smallest house of these countries I’ve not been to yet. I need to discover what these places looked like a hundred years ago.


I need the magic of a museum, a gallery, a concert, a park to take my breath away. I need History. I need Art. I need Music. I need Architecture. I need Cuisine. I need Culture. I need Human Beings. 

I need to Travel again…

Sèverine Horvat

Author: Sèverine Horvat

Hi, I am Severine Horvat, The travel industry has been my passion for 20 years, starting from the moment I could start earning money to pay for my Tourism studies. I still feel that same passion today in my current role which is very customer-centric and fits who I am - a “people’s person”, who cares about my customers as people and not just numbers. Outside of work, I love a good book, a good wine and to talk with people I love and admire.

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