Tomorrow, 10 November it is the World Science Day for Peace and Development and when I look back at the memory lane of travel industry i am struck by the fact what science has meant over the years. The meaning of the sentence can be as broad or narrow as you like. But clearly there are a lot of things in Travel Trade, that can benefits from this work.

At the same time, travel trade also contributes to the result of the work for peace and development. As tourism is one of the lagest industries for many countries there is an absolute need of an infrastructure that enable visitors to enter the countries, regions and destinations.

Air traffic of course, as well as buses, Railways on the transport sector and together with the hospitality sector. By supporting those initiatives to Develop and Evolve the technical infrastructure, the travel trade can leverage on this and contribute to peace.

Travel trade generates jobs, everywhere

By the presence, travel trade enable travellers to visit the destination all over the globe and contributes in the creation of millions of local jobs. Not only directly in the travel trade, but also indirect through increasing visitors to restaurants, museums, concerts, sport events and thousands of other activities and entertainments.

This also why we should strive to push our respective governments to improve and strengthen the support to travel trade, now suffering heavily from the COVID-19 impact. Travel Trade need this support in order to contribute to peace.

No one wants violence

Without travel trade there will be no travellers visiting those places which is dependent on tourism to survive. The long term implications might well be increased disturbances and possible even violence.

This is why travel trade should be supported at all times and by all means. But we are all in a hurry…

If you think that the above is just naive thinking.
Who would have thought, 50 years ago the Berlin Wall should fall?
Who would have though, 8 years ago, that the president of the United States was named Donald Trump, after 2016 election?