Global Gastronomy Quiz

Another quiz is now available and I promise you it will be hard to get a 100% score. Some of you wanted a greater challenge than the ICAO Alphabet (If you haven’t done it yet – do it! )

So here you are. Try the Global Gastronomy challenge instead

The next quiz will be on a extremely popular subject regardless of where you are located around the globe. But first – see if you manage this one…

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1. Blini (sometimes Bliny) is a very common dish in:
2. Traditional Hangi is well known from...
3. Fårikål (Farikal) is a common dish from
4. What is Buuz?
5. The main ingrediens in Pesto al la Genovese include Basil, Oliv Oil, Garlic and Nuts... which?
6. What is a Blini (sometimes Bliny)
7. What is in the Fårikål (Farikal) dish main ingredints ?
8. If you mix lentils, macaroni noodles and rice into a single dish and it’s then topped with a spicy tomato sauce that uses a special Middle Eastern spice blend, garbanzo beans, and fried onions - you have made the national dish of Egypt...What is the name of it?
9. Where is Haggis originating from?
10. Gnocchi is made of ...
11. Many people know Satay from Thailand. But is it a Thai dish? 
12. If you know that Bobotie is a dish originated from Asian settlers - Then you might know that the dish is now considered national dish in...
13. What are the main differences between a Taco and a Burrito
14. What is Ota ika?
15. Pljeskavica is a ....
16. Haggis is recorded the first time as "Hagese" respectively "Hagws of a schepe" in two different cookbooks. In time, this was around...
17. If you prepare a Red Snapper for the grill what are you then preparing...
18. Croque Monsieur is often mentioned being from France. But is that really true?

A perfect Caesars Salad includes Chicken, Bacon and ....yes...Fish in the dressing. Do you know what fish?   

20. Is Taco really a Mexican dish?


Author: Stefan Sladden Eng

Travel Employees Networking Group was founded by Stefan Sladden Eng 2008 as a Linkedin Group to be the foundation for travel employees around the globe to collaborate and discuss. It's aim is also to share information on interesting travel trade events, discounts and other related topics. The group has today +35 000 members all over the globe.

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