Holiday is here! We have being ushered into the last quarter (Q4) of such an eventful year 2020. From all indication, the inflow of tourists for outbound travel this holiday will decrease significantly.

So what direction will Africans head to this holiday? The answer my friend is domestic travel.

Prior to now domestic tourism has always been on low demand in most countries in Africa during holidays compared to international tourism. For reasons best known which is tied to visiting family and friends abroad to travelling to Dubai for the famous New year fire works.

The trend for this year holiday will drastically take a different turn, demand and supply for domestic travel will increase due to existing Covid-19 travel restrictions. The impact of Covid-19 on travel and tourism has been rock hard with challenges, however it opened opportunities for domestic tourism to thrive mostly in regions where domestic tourism was undervalue.

Travel agents and tour operators domestic tour offers

The Travel restrictions set up by the Governments of most countries pose a barrier to the quick restart of outbound travel. Even so, increase in demand for outbound travel is largely dependent on rebuilding travelers confidence to travel in post covid-19.

This has given increase in the demand for domestic travel, following the ease of lockdown in Africa, consumers yearn to have a good time with loved ones this holiday just like before but safe.

Travel agents and tour operators who previously focused on international tourism are making use of this great opportunity to restart travel by putting together exciting tour package deals for domestic travel this holiday.
There are lots of collaborations between hotels, resorts, cruise lines, restaurants and creatives to make a 7 day vacation a memorable experience.

Customize travel expereince sells faster

For a frequent traveler who travels to Dubai every year to watch the much talked about Dubai New year fire works, a catchy event with a different but new experience will most probably water his thirst.

Tour operators are now profiling their clients, looking at previous vacation history to customize their travel experience. One of such that we found was, a package that had burn fire night on New year’s eve by the beach with local dance, music, good food and drinks all under the stars.

Beach in Africa
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It will take more than a tour package to excite the customer, but if the package is tailor to the needs they so miss, then you have a happy customer.

Now is the perfect time to promote domestic tourism

According to statistics, destinations in Africa have more inflows from tourists abroad than Africans. The cause was linked to low spending power on lifestyle, the increase of immigrants from Africa to Europe and North America for a better life to low income earnings.

Although., a major challenge that obstruct the growth of domestic tourism between Africa countries are the barriers in place for free movement. In some cases, its easier and cheaper for an African to obtain a visa to a destination in Europe than to Africa.

One of the benefits of the implementation of the African continental free trade area (AFCFTA) is the free movement of people and goods across borders in Africa, but until then travelers will plug into domestic travel this holiday.

The weather in Africa is beautiful with good sunlight, and the food is great and organic, and that is pretty much what is needed to boast immunity as of now as we learn to live with Covid-.19

Its believe that domestic tourism will help to drive income for local economies while accelerating the restart of outbound travel.