Inspiration through Destination Management Companies
Inspire new Travel Agents to work with you at your destination

If you represent a Destination Management Company or a Tourist Organisation you have a perfect opportunity to increase visibility with us. Present highlights of your offerings, like recommended excursions and events, using our site and the Linkedin group. All to increase the tourism.

And there is plenty of business. More than 40 000 professionals in our group cant wait to get to know you and what you can present to them and their customers. Your niche might be sustainable tourism (ecotourism) or cultural tourism. Maybe adventure sports or even “present the tourist places near me”

Example of page / post advert your could sign up for

We are open to any suggestion and just as a start with we would recommend a commercial package covering;

  • An exclusive page in where you present your destinations (One year subscription )
  • Complement the presentation with posts in our Linkedin Group and Article in and to support your above messages
  • Get visibility through text or adverts in our monthly Newsletter
  • Web Site Banner Advert
  • Article/Post Banner Advert
  • Page Banner

You are the Author of the page and posts and you are designing the banners at your convenience. However, we can assist in creating both text and graphics at a separate fee.

Promotions in our sites Banners or Articles:

Are you looking to advertize you products in Banners and or specific articles. Please contact Stefan Eng at

Promotions in our sites Regional Section above:

To present your products in the Regional Section of the site:
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