Are you our new Ambassador of Travel Employees Networking Group in Oceania region?

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We are looking for an Ambassador and Guest Author for Travel Employees Networking Group in Oceania. As an Ambassador and Guest Author you can Write about travel travel trade and promote travel related products and services from the region in our site and our Linkedin Group with currently more than +45 000 members.

With the opportunity to comes a possibility to both be an author and earn some money as you can have the Oceania region to work with and promote the regions products and services via our channels.

Guest Author
Guest Author & Ambassador

If you find this opportunity attractive, please read the below very short Q/A and follow the instructions given.


How do i know if i am qualified as an Ambassador and Guest Author?

All information you need is available here on the site and all you have to do is read the terms and conditions and follow the instructions carefully. This fist step refers to you as a Guest Author only and requires full acceptance by you. If you prefer you can also chose to be a Guest Author only.

How can i make money by being an Ambassador and Guest Author?

If qualified as a writer we will initiate a dialog to set an agreement where you can sell advertising for travel related products and services. The advertisement is exposed in the Section of Oceania. You sell the adverts and get all the money. And we charge you a fee.

What shall i send to you? My resume, personal letter or what?

At this stage you shall not send anything. But we will get there eventually please prepare your paper work. At this fist step, read the instructions mentioned above.

Stefan Sladden Eng

Author: Stefan Sladden Eng

Travel Employees Networking Group in Linkedin, with it's +43 000 members, was founded by Stefan Eng in 2008.  The purpose was to create a relevant and a strong platform to collaborate and discuss travel trends. In addition, members should be able to find open postions or search for new candidates.  To support the group, our site was established in early 2020,, the Online Magazine and Marketing Portal for Travel Professionals. Here you can find articles by Stefan and his Guest Authors and of course you can advertise your travel products and services.  Travel Employees Networking Group's Online Magazine has been elected to be "One of the best Online Travel Magazines on the Planet" by Feedspot   Stefan Eng has more than 37 years of experience in Travel Trade. working for Airlines, GDS's, Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Airline IT Companies in the Travel Trade. 

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