Every morning when I open the newspaper i have a prosperous idea of solving todays crosswords. You know, the one usually in the last section of the paper. I normally do the analog browsing through the first couple of sections, until i get to the Crosswords. When there, I can relax over a cup of coffee.

However, when i sometimes stop browsing and start reading the first section with the news, I get disappointed. I simply need to go digital as the news available in the paper are old news. Already when i set my eyes on the first article.

Old news are like no news

Some people has a problem in understanding that the news is already history when printed in a paper. Maybe they might want to keep the control. And not let apps, websites, mobiles, tablets and computers take ownership of their daily lives. But for me, reading old news is like arriving the railway station just to realise that I missed the train. So from that perspective i love digital and i love the news flashes pinging my smart phone every now and then.

In this new digital world we have, for some time now, had our airplane tickets delivered electronically. Practical yes, but if you are an Analog Native like me then, you probably look back a decade or two. Back to the time when the tickets was printed. On old flaccid paper tickets with the red carbon on the back of each coupon.

Was it really better in the good old days?

When i joined the travel trade in 1983 i was working for Fritidsresor (now TUI) in Sweden. Of course it is a lot of “handicraft” when being a Tour Operator designing all. That is the case now as well when the whole travel trade is suffering from COVID-19. Customers and travellers need to get in contact with the Travel Agencies, Tour Operators and Airlines. And these days it is done via social media and chat tools. But when i look back and compare; many things has become much much better and easier to handle since computers along with automation came along.

Do you know what this is?

This is an example of heavy paper work from the 1970s. Imagine big walls filled with tags like these. That was the case in one of the large Tour Operators in Scandinavia. Can you remember or maybe guess what it was used for? (Put it in a comment)

Cardboards in rubber band first computer in the travel trade..

Other Tour Operators used big cardboards per destination. The cardboards was placed on a big table in the middle of the room where the sales staff went to pick up the board when a customer called.

To make a reservation, you needed to find the cardboard for, lets say Mallorca, which should be placed on the table. When the sales people had made their sales it was extremely important to mov back the cardboard to the table. Otherwise no one knew where the cardboards were and nothing could be sold. Now, a discussion started regarding if rubber band should be attached to the cardboards in one end and the table in the other end.

If and when the idea was implemented; a cardboard that was just dropped on a desk, should immediately and automatically be drawn back to the table in the middle. The first computer in the travel industry was born…
The above is probably not more than a myth – But it put the fingers on some of the challenges at the time.

Administration and paperwork has really reduced since then. Computers are doing most of the things for us since many years. We are experiencing a very digital world. regardless if we consider ourselves Digital or Analog natives.

Since i love crosswords i did create an app for it. You can find it on apple store by the name Cross Fix

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